The next step in building codes is an ET controller mandated on each new home.

The cheapest source of "new" water is conservation. Walk thru any neighborhood early in the morning and see the wasted water flowing down the street. The easiest and cheapest ways to delay large capital expenditures to recover this lost water is

The smart watering delivered by our ET controller technology also reduces ground water pollution from urban runoff. Runoff from homes is your hardest pollution source to correct. Our ET controller is the simplest, lowest cost and most effective solution.

Read the reasons that we give homeowners for installing our ET controller by linking on the Homeowner's link to the left. Read the other links that give reasons to others to install our ET controller.

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New construction is the most effective place to conserve water conservation and to reduce urban runoff. Put us in contact with home builders who are demanding more water from your water utility. Then Accurate WeatherSet will work closely with the builder and his landscape architect to put professionally calculated watering programs inside each ET controller that we ship to the job site. See our
"Built for the Builderâ„¢" program and click on the "Builders" link to the left to see how we will work with builders to save water and delay the need for large capital expenditures by water districts.

Rebates for retrofits will be difficult compared to incentives or mandates on new construction. Our ET controller qualifies for rebates on new construction in the service of MWD or Southern California.

Rebates are STRONGLY recommended over vouchers because they use less money for paper-pushing and leave more money for ET controllers.

WeatherSet's ET controller qualifies for water utility rebates and voucher programs in the following service areas. (Partial List)

To see how easily we can create a web page to serve your water agency and to see prices for our controllers in rebate programs, go to

To see details of the rebate program for Orange County, California, go to .

To see prices offered by ET controller manufacturers in the Orange County rebate program, go to

Our smart, self-adjusting ET controller is specifically designed to achieve automatic water conservation in the hardest and most important segment of water users---homeowners.

Imagine an ET controller on every home in your service area AUTOMATICALLY adjusting their watering every night to irrigate as shown in the chart below.

Water Districts & ET controllers