Sprinkler Check List

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This sprinkler check list identifies several easy activities for homeowners to reduce their irrigation water.

Well designed sprinkler systems are designed so that one sprinkler head waters the area around the next sprinkler head. Over-shooting or under-shooting the adjacent sprinkler heads leads to inefficient water use. Newly installed yards may quickly look like the photo below.

Click on each link to "corrections" and to see efficient water conserving corrections for each problem. The top photo shows green healthy grass on the borders and pale, yellower grass in the center due to grass blocking spray. A common wasteful "correction" is to greatly increase the runtimes on the sprinkler timer for the valves. The first problem is easiest to correct.


photo showing poor watering uniformity


If the water pressure is too high, water sprays on the sidewalks and streets. It also sprays beyond the adjacent sprinkler heads.

photo showing poor water

We recommend that use the "1,2,3 Minute Test" feature on our controller around the 15th of each month to find geysers like that shown in the third photo. Note the small amount of water from the 2 spray heads in the background compared to large amount wasted from the geyer. The geyers also reduces water pressure and coverage of the spray heads in the background.

photo showing broken sprinkler head