Property Managers
Property managers see excess water on the properties that they manage and wonder what can be done about it. Property managers know that over-watering causes:

"How can I get the landscapers to correct these problem?" you ask. "Why can't irrigation controllers be like the thermostat in my house that automatically maintains an even temperature in your home? Why can't irrigation controllers automatically adjust to maintain even moisture in the soil?"

In the only evidence-based study done on ET irrigation controllers, our Smart Timer saved 2.5 more water than the next nearest competitor. To see more about testing ET irrigation controllers, go to our homepage.

Water Saving

A new generation of self-adjusting, weather-based ET irrigation controllers is entering the market. These ET controllers do automatically adjust irrigation. Some ET irrigation controllers follow the weather more effectively than others.

Smart Timers™ from Accurate WeatherSet automatically adjust watering programs every night at 8 PM based on the SunFall and rainfall over the previous 4 days. Our self-adjusting Smart Timers™ include Smart Watering principles and easy programming to provide you with the "thermostat for your landscape". Smart Timers™ deliver AUTOMATIC water conservation and healthier landscapes.

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