Parks & Schools
School districts and Parks Departments share many of the same problems. While this web page uses parks as the focus, school personnel will recognize the same problems because both organizations have lots of kids using the lawns and playing fields, and both organizations are faced with tight budgets.

With manpower too limited to constantly adjust "dumb" timers as the weather changes, over-watering soon creates soggy parks. Unattended parks are especially likely to become mushy parks. Some bad results from swampy parks are listed.

If the same manpower is combined with Smart Timers™ from Accurate WeatherSet, then those parks will receive all the water that the landscape needs for healthy growth, and yet remain dry enough for the public to enjoy and for park employees to comfortably perform their tasks.

Ending expensive site visits to adjust irrigation controllers will free park employees to concentrate on other needs.

Your parks employees will tune the watering programs in each controller to deliver enough water during the hottest time of the year. Then, our Smart Timers™ with their SunFall™ and rainfall sensors will AUTOMATICALLY reduce the watering on your parks as the weather cools. Healthier parks with automatic water conservation...rain or shine!

Please consider these ideas and read the other reasons that your city should use our Smart Timers™ on other public property by clicking the "Cities" link in the upper left of this web page. Then, start a conversation within your city about the benefits of self-adjusting sprinkler timers from Accurate WeatherSet. Install a few Smart Timers™ and see how quickly "better parks" will become real.

If you contracting-out much maintenance of city parks, our Smart Timers™ will permit you to easily recapture control of watering, and watering is the biggest factor affecting the public's enjoyment of its parks.

The chart below shows watering of an UNATTENDED Smart Timer™ from Accurate WeatherSet. Note the AUTOMATIC watering adjustment by the Smart Timer™ as it follows both daily and seasonal changes in weather from summer into the following spring...rain or shine! Imagine putting our low-cost Smart Timers™ on your parks and letting our Smart Timers™ AUTOMATICALLY adjust the watering EVERY night at 8 PM to follow the average weather of the previous 4 days. See chart below.

SunFall™ and rainfall sensors send signals to our smart
ET Controllers to automatically adjust sprinkler timing....rain or shine...ending many costly site visits.