The "dumb" timer that runs your sprinkler system may be your most disliked garden tool. The Smart Timer™ from Accurate WeatherSet will become one of your favorite gardening tools. Like the thermostat in your home that AUTOMATICALLY maintains the temperature that you choose, our Smart Timer will run your sprinklers to AUTOMATICALLY maintain the moisture level in the soil that you choose. Every gardener has been looking for this tool.

The easy programming and the smart watering of our self-adjusting, weather-based Smart Timer will create a healthier garden for you and deliver automatic water conservation. When you go on vacation or are too busy to spend time in your garden, our self-adjusting, weather-based Smart Timer™ will keep your garden healthy by making smart watering decisions every night at 8 PM based on the average SunFall™ of the last 4 days and recent rainfall.

Study the photo below and see what you understand. Start with the 4 red switches. Then examine the rotary switch starting at the 9 o'clock position and moving clockwise.

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