Two of your biggest expenses are landscape maintenance and water for irrigation. The "dumb" timers that are presently running your irrigation system are costing your Home Owners Association much money in labor and wasted water, and are also damaging your property. Water damage due to over-watering by "dumb" timers include:

These water damages to your capital investments are in addition to the extra labor costs spent reprogramming "dumb" timers in a futile attempt to match the changes in weather. With your bids often going to the lowest cost bidder, skilled labor adjusting your sprinkler timers is very unlikely. The best solution to these problems is the new generation of automatic, self-adjusting, weather-based irrigation controllers or ET controllers.

Our self-adjusting, weather-based irrigation controllers automatically adjust sprinkler irrigation every night at 8 PM based on the SunFall and rainfall over the previous 4 days. This automatic water conservation reduces your water costs and water damage from over-watering. Our Smart Timers™ combine other aspects of smart watering to greatly reduce the required skill level and time now spent in changing irrigation schedules. Better results with reduced effort come easily with Smart Timers™ from Accurate WeatherSet.

Like the thermostat in your home that automatically turns on and off the heating and cooling equipment to maintain an even temperature in your home, our Smart Timers™ automatically turn on and off the sprinkler system to maintain an even moisture level in your soil and to eliminate over-watering. Healthier landscape with automatic water conservation and greatly reduced water damage to your capital investments is the result....rain or shine !

Water conservation techniques must be simple to be effective. Our self-adjusting, weather-based Smart Timers™ are also VERY
easy to program. So these automatic water conservation measures can be extend to individual property owners in your HOA.

Accurate WeatherSet also has low pricing if you decide to encourage your individual property owners to implement smart watering with Smart Timers™ from Accurate WeatherSet. If individual property owners enter our smart watering program, it can be a powerful contribution to eliminating point-source pollution.

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Smart Timers™ will be one of the best ROIs for your HOA. Smart Timers™ are a single investment that will pay automatic dividends over 20-30 years.

Note in the chart both the DAILY and SEASONAL automatic watering adjustment delivered by this UNATTENDED irrigation controller. Imagine this self-adjusting watering automatically reducing your water bill when the weather cools and as the seasons change.