Garden Centers
Our company establishes direct relations with garden centers who are respected by homeowners for their expertise in lawn care. Our sprinkler timers are NOT available to Big Boxes like Home Depot.

Our Smart Sprinkler Timers

Our Smart Sprinkler Timers are the SIMPLEST because of the
"New Way of Watering and New Way of Thinking" in our timers.

Look around the dial in the photo below and at the 2 red navigation switches to the left of the display and at the MORE/YES and NO/LESS switches to the right of the display and you will understand how easy and helpful our smart sprinkler timers are to program. We ship our self-adjusting, smart sprinkler timers arrive with the following settings:

Please note that we guide homeowners to good watering practices through the simple programming step of instructing homeowners to "Assign Valves to Flower, Lawn, Shrub, LWU and Fixed program." This simple step guides homeowners to organize their watering into groups of shallow-rooted, medium-rooted and deep-rooted plants. Our self-adjusting, smart sprinkler timers know to water the shallow-rooted plants most often and the deep-rooted plants the least often.

Our self-adjusting, smart sprinkler timers use
SunFall™ and rainfall sensors to inform our Smart Timers of changes in the weather.....rain or shine !!! Our self-adjusting, smart sprinkler timers create healthier gardens with automatic water conservation.
Our SunFall™ and rainfall sensors on the roof talking to our Smart Timer™ in the garage
will automatic adjust the watering as the weather changes both daily and seasonally.
Our Smart Timers will please both the avid gardener and homeowner who "does not have time" to adjust their sprinkler timer. Homeowners will appreciate your making these Smart Timers™ available to them.