Urban Runoff causes health and environmental problems
Toxic chemicals - Urban runoff carries motor oil, gasoline, solvents, detergents, herbicides and pesticides into our streams, lakes, beaches and drinking water. These toxic chemical come from our lawns and streets. These toxic chemicals weaken or kill organisms and accumulate in our food chain. These toxic chemicals must be removed from water before we drink it.

Feces and bacteria - Urban runoff carries bacteria in the feces of dogs, cat, humans and wild animals into our streams, lakes, beaches and our drinking water causing public health officials to close beaches and rivers to public use.

The nitrogen and phosphorus in these wastes, in detergents and fertilizers cause algae blooms which kill fish and other aquatic life. These wastes are toxic to our drinking water and must be removed before we drink it.

Eroded soil - Sediments carried in urban runoff can smother bottom dwelling creatures, suffocate fish, block sunlight needed by aquatic plants, and bind to and carry other pollutants.