California Native Plants
If you are designing landscapes with plants which have evolved for hot dry summers and cool wet winters, you can put those plants on separate valves and assign those valves to the LWU program in the WeatherSet controllers. The LWU (low-water-usage) program is a smart watering program designed for the genetic preferences of California Natives and other California Friendly plants such as

These California Friendly plants have evolved to expect no rain during the summer. These plants slow their metabolism during the hot, dry summers and speed their metabolism when the rains normally begin in fall. While mature California Friendly plants can survive without water during the summer, they will look best in urban landscapes if they receive occasional, deep watering during the summer and more frequent watering in the fall and winter.

Our Smart Timers respect the genetic preferences of California Friendly plants. The LWU program in our Smart Timers™ will water more frequently during dry winters than during dry summers because California Natives evolved to expect more rain during the winter than during the summer.

WeatherSet's adaptive LWU smart watering program delivers water to grow healthier California natives with automatic water conservation. Weather based irrigation controllers from the WeatherSet Company are your best aid for successful gardening with California natives.


California Native Plants Society

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