Sprinkler timers "Built for the Builder™"
Accurate WeatherSet's Built for the Builder™ program provides an important missing link for the building trades. The 3 steps below put professional smart watering programs on every home. Smart Watering reduces the causes for legal actions and improves the "good appearance" of the housing community. Smart watering delivers the following lasting benefits for home builders:

Smart watering gives the landscape designer control over watering of new planting. Improper watering is the major cause of damage to landscape. Smart watering improves the "good appearance" of the housing community by putting self-adjusting, weather-based irrigation on every lot.

Accurate WeatherSet's Built for the Builder™ program coordinates 3 steps between manufacturer and the building trades to reduce water damage and water waste.

First, number each landscape design for a housing project and create
a matching numbered wiring diagram for the landscaper that says for example.

Second, calculate number watering programs for each valve in each
numbered landscape design and send those
number watering programs and numbered wiring diagrams to WeatherSet.

Third, WeatherSet will burn as defaults those numbered watering programs into our Smart Timers™. Our Smart Timers™ will then arrive at the job site with professionally calculated numbered watering programs and matching numbered wiring diagrams.

Life then becomes easier of the installing landscaper. The landscaper only needs to

Of course, these programs can be easily changed if needed. But, if the homeowner or gardener adjusts the irrigation too far off base, those professional watering programs can easily be recalled even years later. As the weather changes, WeatherSet Smart Timers™ with SunFall and rainfall sensors will automatically adjust the irrigation on private lots to follow changes in the weather....rain or shine.

Then, automatic adjustment of irrigation on private lots will reduce the burden on the drainage system of the housing project by making each lot more able to absorb its share of severe rain. Making each lawn slope a little below grade will also help and will also keep the water away from foundations. Consider turning each lot into a small settling pond rather than into another source of runoff. Consider letting the first 1" or 2" of each storm settle into each lot rather than ripping down the drainage system.