Smart irrigation controllers from Accurate WeatherSet will

How often have you received calls from citizens complaining that the sprinklers are running in the rain? Every smart irrigation controller from Accurate WeatherSet has an automatic rain shutoff sensor. See photo to the left.

How many auto accidents have been caused by streets made wet by sprinklers? We cannot stop over-spray from wetting the streets and causing a hazard. But, smart irrigation delivered by our Smart Timers™ will stop over-watering and runoff from creating traffic hazards. The
Smart Watering technology embedded in every smart irrigation controller from Accurate WeatherSet will keep city streets drier.

How much city money is spent repairing streets from water damage caused by water and cars? When tires hit streets with cracks filled with water, the heavy weight of the car forces high-velocity water into and through the cracks in the pavement which rips, tears and ultimately breaks asphalt. We see heavy water damage to streets and pavement in Los Angeles after cars pound the winter rains into the cracks of the streets. This same destructive force operates even during the dry season after every nightly wetting of the pavement caused by runoff from sprinkler systems. Smart Timers™ from Accurate WeatherSet will reduce the damage to streets caused by over-watering and sprinkler runoff onto the pavement during the dry season. During the winter rains, our Smart Timers™ will automatically shut-off to prevent making the problem worse.

When those same tires hit dry streets, the air in the cracks is easily compressed and car pass over the asphalt with little impact on the asphalt. It is the combination of incompressible water with car tires that damages streets.

How much does your city spend on watering public property? Imagine giving your city personnel smart irrigation controllers that AUTOMATICALLY adjust irrigation from summer to winter as shown below. Your city budgets do NOT allow enough labor to adjust sprinkler timers to follow the weather. Our Smart Timers™ will do it AUTOMATICALLY and will free your people to correct traffic hazards caused by over spray. So, purchasing smart irrigation controllers is one of the smartest expenditures of public funds for public safety.

How often has your public complained of the parks being mushy swamps rather than enjoyable and usable parks? Click on the "Parks & Rec" link above to see how smart irrigation can AUTOMATICALLY make your parks more available and enjoyable for your public.

Over-watering with "dumb" timers and the problems they cause are costing cities much money. Smart Timers™ from Accurate WeatherSet and the AUTOMATIC benefits that they provide to city governments are available now to reduce your operating costs.

Automatic rain shutoff sensor shown with SunFall™ sensor which drives Smart Watering.