Churches, Temples and Mosques
Churches, temples and mosques often have social gatherings on their lawns. Too often the lawns are too wet and soggy to freely enjoy. This excess watering wastes money and injures landscape. Our self-adjusting, weather-based Smart Timers™ will restore free and comfortable use of your lawns for social gatherings.

Our Smart Timers™ will also free you from special trips to adjust your sprinkler timers because Smart Watering will automatically adjust your sprinkler watering to track the weather.

The smart watering features and the simple programming of our Smart Timers™ reduce the skill level and eliminate much labor consumed in adjusting our sprinkler timers. Our Smart Timers™ will also improve the health of your landscape.

Save money and time with AUTOMATIC adjustments to watering on your landscapes from summer to winter as shown in the chart below. Healthy landscapes with automatic water conservation....rain or shine !

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Aztecs and Mayans venerated the sun too much. Maybe our society respects the sun too little. Our Smart Timers™ and our SunFall™ sensors give the sun its due. The AUTOMATIC water conservation delivered by our Smart Timers also slows global warming.