Home Builders
Accurate WeatherSet is part of the Green Building movement as a sponsor of the NowHouse.
Put our weather-based irrigation controllers on 400 homes and save enough water to build another 100 homes.

Faced with increasing water restrictions and the need to reduce urban runoff, specifying Smart Timers™ for your landscaping is an excellent business decision to conserve water for more homes. Faced with lawyers looking for class action suits, Smart Watering is an excellent defensive policy against "blame" for water damages and mold due to over-watering. Faced with consumers wanting "built green homes", our Smart Timers™ are a smart decision for home builders.

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Our "Built for the Builder"™ program will interest all home builders because it saves water to build more homes and reduces urban runoff. It puts professionally calculated
smart watering in every sprinkler timer in your "green homes". It is the 'missing link' for water management and water conservation for home builders.

The following facts about WeatherSet's Smart Timers™ and Smart Watering make your job easier, and make your homes more beautiful and more appreciated by the new owners who are seeking "green homes".

This $198 could be the best investment you make. It will save water for more homes and reduce headaches caused by improper watering. We will sell direct to your contractors. But, we prefer to work directly with builders because builders understand better long lead items. Assembly is done in the USA.


SunFall™ and rainfall sensors talk to our Smart Timers in the garage. Benefits go to everybody.