Performance of your landscape designs will improve with weather based irrigation controllers from Accurate WeatherSet. After studying this web page, we recommend that you read our messages to Builders, Contractors, HOAs and Homeowners by clicking on the links to the left.

Your landscape projects for individual plots are often damaged by watering which is controlled by "dumb" timers operated by people who "do not have time, do not care or do not know." Over watering is also the single biggest contributor to urban runoff.

Weather based irrigation controllers will contribute to the success of your landscape projects by delivering Smart Watering to your landscape projects and automatically reducing urban runoff. The smart watering features and the simple programming of our Smart Timers™ reduce the skill level and labor required for proper watering and are the single best way to reduce urban runoff and improve landscapes.

If you are designing for home builders, especially "green builders", we can make an even greater contribution to the health and success of your designs with our "Built for the Builder™" program which is an important "missing link" in the building trades. Our "Built for the Builder™" program puts your professional watering schedules into every sprinkler timer on every home. Then, our weather based irrigation controllers will automatic adjust the professional sprinkler schedule to protect your landscape designs from careless watering. See our "Built for the Builder™" program for details.

There are NO endless monthly fees with our Smart Timers™.

Imagine AUTOMATIC adjustments to watering on your landscapes from summer to winter as shown in the chart below. Healthy landscapes with automatic water conservation....rain or shine ! Eliminate urban runoff with weather based irrigation controllers from Accurate WeatherSet.