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The best free-market testing of weather based irrgation controller is the 309-page Evaluation of California Smart Controller Programs-Final Report. It is the only evidence-based evaluation of weather based irrigation controllers for these reasons. Data on water savings by manufacturer was one of the objective and is presented below and shows widely different results. See derivation of this chart here for an explanation of why some controllers were "worthy of attention."


The EPA WaterSense testing of weathter based irrigation controllers is also WRONG standard for people concerned with water conservation because the EPA Watersense testing of irrigation controllers and sprinkler timers adopted the IA SWAT testing from page 9 to end of specification...70% of WaterSense spec is from IA SWAT. See appendix C of Watersense spec.

Our weather based irrigation controllers reduced normal water usage by 33.2% AND was statistically significant or "worthy of attention." This field study of over 2,000 weather based irrigation controllers from the sea to the deserts was designed by the water districts in California to closely follow free-market standards. A variety of weather based irrigation controllers were offered on the web site of the water districts for their customers to freely choose which weather based irrigation controller to purchase. The homeowners or contractor then purchased, installed and programmed the weather based irrigation controllers. Programming adjustments to the weather based irrigation controllers were made freely by the homeowners or the contractors as indicated by the needs of the landscape. Water conservation must be simple to be effective and our weather based irrgation controllers are the easiest to understand and program.

California has a goal of reducing watering consumption by 20% by the year 2020. Our weather based irrigation controllers nearly achieve that water savings by themselves because 50% to 70% of the water goes on the landscape. Below is chart with 20% by 2020 as the goal.

Accurate WeatherSet has made solar sensor since the 1970s driven by a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley. Our solar sensor has evolved and is housed in glass fused into steel which is plated with black nickel to prevent corrison.

Toro/Irritrol introduced new weather based irrigation controllers with a Climate Logic sensor which measures solar radiation. Hunter recently introduced Solar Sync. Neither sensor was NOT in this study.

But since Toro/Irritrol copied Hunter's sensor construction and nearly Hunter's programming, you can expect similar water savings as Hunter. In viewing the construction of solar sensors from Toro and Hunter, it appears that the design was done without adequate concern for physics or long-term durability. They both made the same mistakes when using solar sensors with their weather based irrigation controllers.

The Texas A&M testing is a little better than the IA SWAT testing of weather based irrigation controller. A chart of the seasonal water savings is presented below where zero is the optimum performance set by Texas A&M as the amount of irrigation water needed by the plants which they specified.The reasons that the Texas test is better and the same as the IA SWAT testing are discussed here. Accurate WeatherSet irrigated within 6% of Texas A&M recommendation over the season.The derivation of this chart is explained here.

Chart showing results of Texas study of weather based irrigation controllers. Our Smart Timer water within 6% of the Texas A&M recommendation.

Summary of these 3 studies is presented below.

NAME Suppressed Results

Free Market conditions

# of Controllers Duration average performance "worthy of attention" Reprogramming allowed

Cost to manufacturer

EVALUATION of California Weather-Based Smart Irrigation Controllers NO YES 2287 in the field thru out California over 1 year YES YES by homeowners and contractors as landscape suggested Manufacturers made money as they sold controlllers to homeowners and contractors
2011 Smart Controller Report-Texas A&M




NO 1 in the lab longest was 284 days in the lab NO NO One controller only
IA SWAT testing of weather based irrigation controllers YES if the manufacturer did NOT like the results. NO 1 in the lab 30 days in the lab NO NO $3,500 each new test requested by manufacturer


The photo to right shows some the "dumb" timers accepted by MWD in Picture showing many mechancial and electronic irrgation controllers which were accepted by MWD for our Smart Timer™.exchange for our Smart Timer™ for the California Evaluation report.

WeatherSet's weather based irrigation controllers use on-site measurements of SunFall™ and rainfall and proprietary software to automatically adjust irrigation and create healthy landscape with automatic water conservation...rain or shine !!!

To see how our weather based irrigation controllers differ from other weather based irrigation controllers, click on this link to ET controllers.

Our SunFall™ sensor combined with rainfall sensor and our weather based irrigation controllers automatically adjust irrigation for the best onsite watering decisions to

These benefits come automatically from self-adjusting, weather based irrigation controllers from Accurate WeatherSet ...without endless monthly signal fees for ET EveryWhere or other broadcast services.

Picture showing Solar and rain sensors mounted on garage roof line

WeatherSet's SunFall™ and rainfall sensors on your residence or commercial property.....talking to our Smart Timers™ in your garage or on a pedestal will....

Picture of Smart Timer mounted in Plastic case for residental installations, Picture of Smart Timer shown mounted on a pedestal for commercial installations.

...automatically adjust your irrigation whether you live in the cold drizzle of Seattle and Portland, blistering desert heat or high humidity of Arizona, south Florida and Houston.